"Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, boy"

The game

In the middle of a battle that will decide the future of the galaxy, a group of brave fighters will have to infiltrate a space station with a firepower capable of destroying a planet on a single shot.

Once inside, and using a risky strategy, they will need to deactivate the superlaser that will destroy the Rebel base and crush hope in the galaxy. And all this before the Rebel base is on target for the superweapon... before approximately 60 minutes.

No reward is worth this...

There's some facts to get you decided. For your eyes only.
  • A complete story immersion: from the start you will be on a place full of scum and villainy, and from there you will be transported to your mission.
  • Original games and coherent on the game universe. Everything you'll find could perfectly fit in there.
  • You don't need any previous knowledge about any movie or whatsoever. And maybe after you escape you'll be more interested on them!
  • All the scenography have been created with maximum care to catch in with the story.
  • ¡A unique experience!

The galaxy needs you. Will you leave it to tiranny?


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