"Truly wonderful the mind of a child is"


Scape Wars is completely adapted to groups consisting of a maximum of 6 kids, aged above 10 years old. Kids under this age should enter with a majority of adults on the group.

The group will play the same version of the game, for a maximum of an hour, and  always with a game master inside the escape room with them that will take the role of the leader of the mission, always playing his act. This way, they will receive hints and help in any moment, in a safe environment without worrying.

Also, the parents and friends can stay in our cantina while they are playing.

Even if it's a birthday party, or a celebration, or just because,  any live being is welcome in the Resistance!

· Age 0-7: Don't need to pay the entrance fee, but they count as a group member until a maximum of 6 members
· Age 8-9: They pay fee and need to be in a group with a majority of adults (+18)
· Age 10-14: They can play alone accompanied by the game master or as a minority in an adults' group.
· Age 15+: They count as a normal player in an adult group.
Groups of a maximum of 6 kids starting at 10 years old
You can wait for them enjoying our cantina
Always with the game master inside the room

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