"Looks like you've managed to cut off our only escape route"

What's an escape room?

An escape room is a live game in which a group of people must find an exit from a certain place, in a certain time, while resolving logical riddles and enigmas.

Usually an immersirve narrative is used, in which the player takes part in a story that takes him to be trapped on that actual place. While resolving different games, the group will follow the steps that will help it to solve the usually unfortunate event that took them to be enclosed somewhere.
Trabajo en equipo
2 to 6 players working together
Tiempo limitado
60 to 90 minutes long sessions
Game master
Coordinated sessions leaded by a game master
¡A game with lots of adrenaline!
Completely safe and family friendly
Use your intelligence, not the force!

"Me, this boy, two droids... And no questions to answer"

Is there any age limit?
None! Kids and adults alike can join in. We have a kids only mode for kids over 10 or, if they are accompanied by a majority of adults in their group, they can play the normal version.

To sum things up:

· Age 0-7: Don't need to pay the entrance fee, but they count as a group member until a maximum of 6 members
· Age 8-9: They pay fee and need to be in a group with a majority of adults (+18)
· Age 10-14: They can play alone accompanied by the game master or as a minority in an adults' group.
· Age 15+: They count as a normal player in an adult group.
How many people can play?
We are a bigger group. Can't we play?
Do I have to be fit?
Should I take certain clothes?
I'm a claustrophobic person. Should I cancel?
What if I can't escape at the given time?
What is the success rate?
How can I book it?
I can't go at the time I booked. What can I do?
Is the game adapted to persons with disabilities?
I'm pregnant. Can I play?
Should I watch the movies first?

More questions?

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